How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working In 2023?

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How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working In 2023?

Did you ever have trouble tagging someone on Instagram? If so, just read this article to fix the problem. In this article we talking about “How to Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working in 2023?”

There are a few common signs that Instagram tagging isn’t working. It can be seen if the tags on Instagram posts disappear, if the tags don’t show up on the uploaded image, or if you can’t tag someone before posting a photo.

Because tagging lets others recognize the people in your photos, all of these worries can be very upsetting. After reading this, you’ll know how to fix the Instagram tagging problem.

Why Is Instagram Tagging Not Working?

Here are the five most common reasons why you are not able to tag someone on Instagram:

  • The user has deactivated the tagging option in their profile settings.
  • It’s too early for tagging anybody on your account.
  • You accidentally tagged too many people in your picture. The person you were attempting to tag has private profile settings.
  • Your username is wrong.

Consequently, you must first identify the sources of any Instagram tagging issues. One of the issues you need to approach systematically is a tagging mistake. 

Unfortunately, Instagram won’t explain to anybody why there is a tagging problem with their photos. You have to untangle yourself to do it. 

Fortunately, finding the core problem is a simple and fast approach that doesn’t need much work. So what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss each point in turn. 

Tagging Is Disabled

You will probably get an Instagram tagging error, for this reason, the most often. Sadly, if someone disables their tagging option, you cannot tag them on Instagram. 

Instagram users may choose who can tag them in a post. By turning on the “manually authorize tags” option in your privacy settings, you can stop others from tagging you as well. 

Anyone who turned on this option is thus unable to be tagged in any pictures. You will need to wait while they manually approve your tag. 

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New Account

New accounts on Instagram are limited in what they can do. With a fresh account, for example, you are only able to follow a certain number of users. 

Similar to the above, if you are unable to tag anybody, it’s possible that your account is still too new to do so. 

This is most likely a result of Instagram’s efforts to stop spam-sending bots. Your Instagram account will initially have restrictions to maintain the platform’s fairness, similar to a “sandbox.” 

There Is A Private Account For The Other Person 

A user whose Instagram account has been set to private cannot be tagged if the two of you are not Instagram followers. You may not have followed someone on Instagram and they may have changed their account to private if you are unable to tag them in a post. 

Following them and getting accepted is the only way to tag someone with a private account. Then and only then will you have access to their images and the ability to tag them on your own. 

Using The Wrong Username Spelling 

People typically have an Instagram username that is distinct from their account name. These usernames can be challenging to remember at times for this reason. 

Therefore, there is a risk that you are typing the wrong username that they have used for their account if you are unable to tag someone. Simply conduct a user search to see if the username matches the one you were using to resolve the issue. 

Blocked By The Individual 

The person may have blocked you on Instagram if you are certain that you are using the correct username but are still unable to tag anyone. 

When someone blocks you on Instagram, they essentially vanish from your feed and are no longer searchable. By attempting to find their username, you can determine if someone has blocked you. If they are not seen in the search results, they have probably blocked you or deleted their account. 

How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working?

It may seem like an easy effort to tag your closest friends and significant others in images, but it may be tough at times. If you’re having trouble with Instagram tagging, try the following seven short steps to make sure you’re using the right approach. 

Put In A Request To Get Your Tag Approved By The Relevant Authority. 

You’ll need to ask the person you’re attempting to tag for approval if they’ve turned off the automatic approval of tags. If you don’t feel like talking to the person, you can always wait. They might just be out of range of his phone’s alert or unaware of its existence. Therefore, you may wait a few minutes or hours for your buddy to accept your tag on their own time. 

Keep Up With The Person You Wish To Tag 

If you want to tag someone, you’ll have to stick with them. You may follow someone by clicking the “follow” icon in the upper right corner of their profile after you’ve visited their images and clicked “View additional photos.” One-click and the whole thing will explode. You’re doing what they say. You may now mention them by commenting on one of their images or by tagging them in your photo. 

You Might Be Blocked, Right? Be Patient For A While! 

Someone who has blocked you cannot be tagged. Whether you want to tag someone on Instagram, you should check to see if you’ve been banned or if there’s a problem with your account. Instagram doesn’t alert you if someone blocks you.

However, the profile, posts, and Story of the prohibited person will be inaccessible to you. To determine whether you have been banned, check your account on both your phone and a friend’s phone. 

Frequently; Asked Questions

My Instagram From The Year 2022 Doesn’t Allow Me To Tag Anybody. 

With a private Instagram account, only your authorized followers will be able to see your photos and videos, and the person you tag will only be notified if they are also following you. Please be aware that if you are unable to tag a certain individual, it may be because they have restricted tagging access for themselves. 

Instagram Has Stopped Tagging: What Should I Do In 2023? 

Instagram hashtags may not be effective for a variety of reasons. Ill-advised hashtag use, placement, or quantity are all possibilities. You may have been shadow-banned because of the inappropriate use of hashtags. 

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of The Shadow Ban? 

The Instagram shadow ban is temporary. In the vast majority of cases, users agree that a shadow ban lasts for two weeks. Though this punishment is only transitory, its repercussions may linger for quite some time. 

When Does Shadow Banning Occur, And Why? 

Too much activity that might be easily misinterpreted as coming from bots is a common source of shadow bans. When you take a vacation from Instagram, the suspension is lifted more quickly. Put some time away from your computer by logging off. Don’t share, comment, like, or send direct messages.


When you can’t tag the people you care about or your friends on Instagram. It’s possible that this is not a big deal. If you can’t tag someone in an Instagram post, it’s probably because they have turned off the feature in their account settings. It’s also possible that you over-tagged a post or just signed up for an account. 

Follow the steps above if you’re having trouble using Instagram tags on your account. With this information, you’ll know who to tag and what to do. If you do this, you will be able to tag your account again inside the Instagram app.

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